Jennifer Bamford
Cell: (289) 400 – 9437
Other: (705) 752 – 3309


Passionate animator interested in obtaining a position in a Stop Motion Animation production.


Hands on Skills
• Stop Motion Animator and Puppet Maker
• Stop Motion set and prop building
• 2D Classical Animation
• Strong Colour and Design Sense
• Strong grasp of character design and appeal
• Efficient in Story Development and Story Boarding

Software Skills
• Dragon Stop Motion
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Premiere
• 3D Modeling with Maya
• Able to pick up new software and master it quickly

Communication / Management Skills
• Able to lead and organize team objectives
• Production Manager for the film “Sun Day”
• Adept at identifying and neutralizing problems
• Able to work in a variety of environments and with various personality types
• Able to work well in team situations, as well as independently on tasks

Sheridan College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

• Bachelor of Applied Arts, Animation 2007 - 2011
Thesis film completed in Stop Motion
• Art Fundamentals Animation Certificate 2006 - 2006
Included a class on maquette making and sculpting


Cuppa Coffee Studios Summer 2010
Interned as a small prop maker and set painter for production of stop motion television show “Glenn Martin DDS”.
• Introduced to simple mould making
• Took part in animation tests with use of studio puppets


Completed graduate short film "The Helmet" 2010 – 2011
• Stop Motion Medium
• Shot with Dragon Stop Motion Software
• Complex armature making including removable parts
• Cast foam latex and silicone puppet parts
• Created own moulds for multiple puppet parts
• Seaming, painting and matting of latex and silicone parts
• Set and prop creation

Student Film Volunteer “The Scarf” by Carla Veldman 2009 – 2010
• Stop Motion Medium
• Helped in applying liquid latex to puppet arms
• Small prop making

Student Film Volunteer “The Peasant and the Root” by Brock Gallagher 2008 – 2009
• Digitally coloured animation in DigiCel Flipbook

Student Film Volunteer “Circuit Paris” by Randeep Katari 2007 – 2008
• Cleanup Artist


• Maquette building and sculpting
• Story and Script writing
• Creating Comic Strips